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Town of Readsboro, Vermont    

Transfer Station

Transfer Station Hours of Operation

Tuesday   2:00pm ‐ 5:00pm
Friday  2:00pm ‐ 5:00pm
Saturday  1:00pm ‐ 5:00pm
Sunday   12:00pm ‐4:00pm


All fees for vehicles of any class or other items such as: tires, bulky items, construction and remodeling debris may be paid in advance at the Town Office.

Coupons or stickers will be provided for a fee by the Town as evidence of payment at the same office, and these coupons will be turned over to the attendant at the Transfer Station at the time of disposal. A thirty (30) gallon container shell be the standard for determining the fee for household garbage. Broken bags are unacceptable.

No person shall deposit any waste in the area unless materials have been separated according to regulations, such as light metals, heavy metals, and white materials and to the direction of the Transfer Station supervisor of representative.

No person shall deposit solid waste such as household garbage and burnable at the site without direction from the Transfer Station supervisor or a designated representative. Only garbage/waste from a bonafide residence of Readsboro will be accepted. Permits for the dump shall be renewed annually, on or before January 1 of each year. Fee for residents and taxpayers shall be $10.00 per year.


Mixed garbage bags 5.00
All bags of garbage up to 30 gallons 1.00
Tires (see below) 0.00
Appliances (dishwasher, washers, dryers, etc.) 10.00
Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice makers 20.00
Lawn mowers and bicycles 5.00
Car of Truck Batteries 2.00
Large Furniture-mattresses, stuffed furniture & box springs 10.00
Small furniture (chairs, coffee tables, end tables) 2.00
Commercial metals 12.00
General Tipping (loose or compacted) CY 20.00
55 gal. drums, empty & clean with ends off 3.00
55 gal. drums without ends off 15.00
Empty paint or tar cans, tops off, dried up, 1 quart .10
1 gallon .25
5 gallons .50
250 gallon oil tanks, empty with end cut out 15.00
Gas grills (without tank) 2.00
Gas grills (with tank) 5.00
Metal Cabinets 2.00
Standard Household windows 1.00
Wooden & aluminum doors 2.00
Bath tubs & shower units 5.00
Small propane tanks 3.00
Furnace/boilers 10.00

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: Hazardous chemical containers and used motor oil. If you have large quantities of junk, furniture, building scraps, etc. to be recycled, call the Utility Office at 413-7010 for more information. RECYCLABLE NOTES: PLEASE RECYCLE

  1. You now can co-mingle all glass, metal cans and plastics numbers 1 & 2 (on bottom of container.)
  2. Recycle Magazines, high-quality paper (no food wrappers, paper towels, tissues or boxboard) junk mail, corrugated cardboard, newspapers & envelopes, 30-yard roll-off containers are supplied for both.


PASSENGER CAR TIRES without rims 3.00
PASSENGER CAR TIRES with rims 5.00
7.00 x 20 20.00
9.00 x 20 20.00
11.00 x 20 20.00
10.00 x 22 20.00
11.00 x 20 20.00
12.00 x 22.5 20.00
12.5 x 18 20.00
12.4 x 24 35.00
11 x 24.5 35.00
13.00 x 25 35.00
16.00 x 24 35.00
60.9 x 28 35.00
19.5 x 24 45.00
18.4 x 34 50.00

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