Town of Readsboro, Vermont

Readsboro's Board of Selectmen

Agenda | Minutes  

The Selectboard meets each Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Meetings are held in the Readsboro Town Offices located at 301 Phelps Lane, Readsboro, VT

Helyn Strom Henriksen, Chair
Term expires:  2019

Jim Franzinelli
Term expires:  2020

David Marchegiani
Term expires:  2018

Deborah Calnan, Selectboard Clerk

Rebecca Stone, Town Administrator

Mailing Address: 
Town of Readsboro
PO Box 187
Readsboro  VT  05350

Phone:  802-423-5652 
Fax:  802-423-5423

Relevant Documents:

Board of Selectmens Handbook
Town Charter
Open Meeting Law
Personnel Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Application for Access/Right of Way Permit
Approved Zoning Bylaw
The Highway Handbook, A guide to VT's Highway Laws
Class IV Highway Policy
Adopted Sexual Harassment Policy
Adopted EEO/AA Policy
Adopted Basic Emergency Operation Plan (BEOP)
Readsboro Hazard Mitigation Plan
Readsboro Inundation Hazard Area Regulation Bylaw
Readsboro Adopted Designation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Adopted Debt Management Policy

2012 Grand List
2013 Grand List 

2007 Independent Audit
2008 Independent Audit
2009 Independent Audit
2010 Independent Audit
2011 Independent Audit
2012 Independent Audit

2009 Town Report
2010 Town Report
2011 Town Report
2012 Town Report
2015 Town Report

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