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Alfred Scaia, President - skybar7@att.net
James Franzinelli, Vice President - jimfranzinelli@gmail.com
Rhonda Smith, Treasurer/Secretary - lotamacs@myfairpoint.net
Mitchell Holland, Trustee - jasper2362@myfairpoint.net
Priscilla Margola - putbon3@hotmail.com


Learn more about the Readsboro Historical Society by visiting their website:

The Readsboro Historical Society was formed by a small group of people in town in 1972. The group came together to form the Society in part to save the First Wesleyan Methodist Church, the oldest building on Main Street, from being demolished to make a planned parking lot on the site.

The former First Wesleyan Methodist Church was built in1840 and served as a church until 1911 when the group of worshipers disbanded. It was transferred to the Town of Readsboro for use as the Town Hall and Office until 1962 when the new Town Office was established in the new school building on Phelps Avenue.

There is a current membership of about 50 Life Members and about 30 people who join on a yearly basis.

The Readsboro Historical Society remains an active organization that preserves and celebrates the Town’s history. The Historical Society operates a museum located in the converted First Methodist Wesleyan Church on Main Street. Exhibits of the Readsboro Chair Shop, Hoot Toot & Whistle Railroad (the recent books by Brian A. Donelson, The Coming of the Train were researched in part at the Readsboro Historic Society). The Society organizes guest speakers and summer programs, presentations via DVD’s and other media.

Over the years the officers of the society have raised funds for repair and upkeep and with funds budgeted by the Selectboard, have had some major work performed each year. The Wesleyan Building is still the property of the Town of Readsboro.

The Historic Society building is open during special events on Main Street and open by appointment.
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