Welcome to the
Town of Readsboro, Vermont    

Economic Development

Readsboro has come a long way on the economic development and infrastructure front. The most dramatic, visible and recent infrastructure enhancements include many hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebuilding the Towns bridges. These bridges include: Branch Hill Road Bridge, Tunnel Street Bridge, Lions Club Bridge and Water System enhancements.

The Town is nearly complete with the Safe Routes to School Project. Progress on the School Street properties buy-out and demolition project has made progress and is expected to be completed in the spring.

The Town is also in the final stages of completing a $1.3 million water plant and system upgrade. This is a dramatic upgrade that will be Town into compliance with Federal and State regulations. Progress has been made in navigating two federal highway and eighteen FEMA projects, of these, three were deemed large project and one successful appeal. Three HMGP/CDBG residential buy-outs project are also due to be successfully completed soon.  

The Town has been approved for a Department of Transportation Alternative Grant. This is a competitive grant application. The Town received the highest allotted funding throughout the State. This amount is for $375,000.00. It will allow 4,016 linear feet of new sidewalks throughout and beyond the Village section of town. This will allow for a safer and pedestrian friendly Community.

Also, energizing programs and workshops with town boards and groups which was inclusion of Susan McMahon from Windham Regional Planning Commission (WRC) and Wendy Rae Wood-Hartwell, Flood Recover Officer from Brattleboro Development Corporation have occurred. These have been thought provoking and illuminate proven strategies for communities to follow but there is a lot more work and collaboration to be done. There have been numerous scholarly works that suggest the phrase that, “without infrastructure you have nothing”. With the progress that Readsboro has made this year I am proud to say that we are on the right path toward creating a sound infrastructure.

Readsboro is certainly looking more inviting.


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