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Forrest Hicks, Chairperson
email:  acacia@myfairpoint.net


Priscilla Margola
, Secretary/Treasurer
email:  putbon3@hotmail.com

Neil Houston, Alternate Secretary
email:  marie1941@myfairpoint.net

Al Scaia

Devon Carrier

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our local cemeteries, please contact the overseer of that particular cemetery.

Heartwellville Cemetery  - Forrest Hicks     -  802-423-5306
North Hill Cemetery        - Neil Houston      -  802-423-
South Hill Cemetery       -
Village Cemetery            - 
A Glimpse at Happenings at the Cemeteries in Readsboro

Patrick Healy, President of the Vermont Cemetery Association and Vice President of the New England Cemetery Association, Tom Maroni, Joel Hicks, and Forrest Hicks at South Hill Cemetery
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South Hill Cemetery
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Continuing Work
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North Hill Cemetery
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Village Cemetery
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Ground Penetrating Radar 
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Formation of an Ad Hoc Joint Committee for
Strategic Long Range Planning of our Cemeteries

The purpose of this committee will be to develop a long-range plan for our cemeteries. This work will include the expansion of the South Hill and Village Cemeteries, with the least impact to the cemetery and town budgets. This should address the vision and mission for our cemeteries for the next 10 to 15 years. This plan should be adjusted, as major decisions dictate. The ultimate goal must be to find the best and most economical way to move forward with our cemetery expansions.

The S.L.R.P.C. will be a multi level group of interested people. This committee will consist of Select board (at least 1), Cemetery commission (max. of two), Sexton, and two people from town.

This will be a working group and most meetings will involve site visits to the Cemeteries.

Persons interested in this committee should submit a letter of interest or contact Forrest Hicks by June 8th at 1-802-423-5306. Mail address P.O. 203, Readsboro, Vt  05350.

Dated this 13 day of May 2016
Forrest Hicks
Cemetery Commission Chairperson

Readsboro VT Cemeteries
There are four cemeteries currently in use in Readsboro

North Hill Cemetery
The first cemetery was established in 1798 on farm land donated by Caleb Bailey on North Hill, now known as Potter Hill Road. This is the smallest of the Readsboro cemeteries. Simon Von Meyers, a Hessian soldier fighting with Baum, was buried there in 1846. He was taken prisoner in Bennington and when released came to Readsboro. He settled on the land where the King farm is know located, on King Hill Road. The Readsboro American Legion places a flag at his gravesite each year.

Village Cemetery
In 1800 the current Village Cemetery was established on what was called the Beach Lot. It was first known as the Readsboro City Cemetery, according to the old town maps. The Village Cemetery is the largest of the towns Cemeteries. A child named Cochran was the first registered death in Readsboro in 1786, and because there was not yet a Cemetery in the Village the child was buried between two large boulders near where the upper Cemetery gate is currently is located. In August 1999 farmland was purchased from the former Carpenter farm. This land was purchased from the James Sprague family, as an addition to the Village Cemetery. It is not yet developed for gravesites, because the current Cemetery has quite a number of lots available for sale.

Heartwellville Cemetery
In 1819 the Heartwellville Cemetery (formally Hartwellville) on Route 100 was built on land donated by Captain Joseph Hartwell, a Civil war  veteran. In doing research we have not yet found out why the hamlet of Hartwell was changed to Heartwellville. (clerical error???) It is a beautiful Cemetery.
South Hill Cemetery
In 1827 the South Hill Cemetery was established. The South Hill Cemetery was laid out on the John Hicks property. Captain Henry Holbrook, William Sanford, and Joy Bishop helped to clear the Hick’s land of stumps, brush, and roots. These were used around the edge of the cemetery to establish a fence. (Good old Yankee thrift!!

Recent Cemetery projects

The bank at the South Cemetery was badly eroded by the changing course of the river. It was quite apparent that if repairs were not made, current graves would be impacted. The planning for the project required the involvement of environmental protection and the Army Corps of engineers. The Project was put out for bid. Eiler Bros. was the successful bidder and the project was completed in 1999. The cemetery Commission is happy to report that no damage occurred during hurricane Irene.
We also had a challenge with the steep part of the bank at the Village Cemetery. The bank was becoming severely eroded.  This project was planned and put out for bid. The bid was awarded to Barkus Construction. The Cemetery Commission was also very pleased with this work as no further erosion occurred during Irene.

Thanks for the great support from the Readsboro tax payers. The Cemetery commission has been working on a four-year project repairing old broken gravestones. This requires epoxy repairs to broken stones, new foundations in some cases, stone cleaning, groundwork, and re-seeding. Over 250 gravestones have been completed as of April 2013. This project is being completed by Sexton Tom Maroni, and Joel Hicks.

Help the Cemetery Commission solve the mystery of Captain Jack!

Tucked away in a corner of the Readsboro Village Cemetery where two moss covered stonewalls converge is a small, solitary grave-marker engraved with the words “Captain Jack”. Beneath a carved shield is the date 1867.  Despite extensive research by several people who have written volumes about volunteers in the Civil War we are still without a clue who he was. The Readsboro American Legion members have been placing an American flag at this site for many years. The American Legion and the Cemetery Commission are hoping some one in the area knows of an ancestor who was called Captain Jack. Please get in touch if you have any clues.
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